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wh, s, 95l, xex, eus, 5he, bg8, 0pd, ib, 1/7 Scale KOS-MOS Re: Prototype Figure Revealed, Based On Her Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Design | NintendoSoup
1/7 Scale KOS-MOS Re: Prototype Figure Revealed, Based On Her Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Design

1/7 Scale KOS-MOS Re: Prototype Figure Revealed, Based On Her Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Design

At the recent W.H.L.4.U. 29 showcase in Japan, Max Factory and Good Smile Company revealed a new prototype figure of KOS-MOS Re:.

The 1/7 Scale figure will feature the android’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 design, including her signature ether canons in-hand. While both companies have not detailed further release details for the character, you can check out a full preview below.

It’s certainly oozing with quality, so far! We’ll be waiting to report back to fans of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenosaga when we get more information about this amazing figure.