64GB Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges May Be Delayed To 2019

64GB Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges May Be Delayed To 2019

As far as Switch games go, they’re not extremely huge in size. Though there are exceptions like Doom, which still requires you do download quite a bit of data beyond the game cartridge, games needing more than 32GB of space are not commonplace.

Still as games get bigger in size, so must Nintendo Switch’s game cartridge. However, those expecting the likes of a 50GB Witcher 3 right out of the box on one cartridge might need to wait a while longer.

In a recent article by Wall Street Journal, Nintendo may delay their release of 64GB game cartridges to developers from late 2018 to 2019, due to technical issues.

Nintendo had planned to make 64GB cards available to partner developers in the second half of 2018, but recently told them that it would push the date back to 2019 owing to technical issues, according to people with direct knowledge of the discussions

The article even further went on to suggest that some States-side developers are disappointed by the news, choosing not to put their games on the Switch until the 64GB game cartridges are out.

Already it costs more to produce games on the Nintendo Switch game cartridges compared to the competitors’ Blu-ray. Though it brings about certain benefits such as speed, the extra cost usually finds its way to the consumers. Only Nintendo themselves know how much a 64GB game cartridge will cost and maybe that is the true reason for the holdback. Until then, stick to your MicroSD.