A Day With Pikachu Figurine For November 2019 Revealed

A Day With Pikachu Figurine For November 2019 Revealed

Since the beginning of 2019, The Pokemon Company has been releasing Funko A Day with Pikachu figurines exclusively at the Pokemon Center US website every month. Today, we’re finally getting a look at what’s next in November!

The Pokemon Company has revealed that the November 2019 figurine will be A Day with Pikachu: A Cool New Friend – which features Pikachu playing in the snow! Check out a closer look below, along with more details:

The latest figure in Funko’s A Day with Pikachu collection—dubbed A Cool New Friend—is almost here. It features Pikachu decked out in a festive Delibird cap while taking a romp in the snow on a cold winter day. But what’s this? The little Pokémon has encountered a small, powdery doppelgänger! From the look on Pikachu’s face, however, it seems a bit skeptical as to this snowman’s true identity. That snowy smile is a bit wide, and those eyes are a bit beady. Hmm…we wonder…

Seriously, though, how cute is Pikachu’s incredulous smirk here? This charming figure will make a cool-as-ice addition to your Pokémon collection. It will arrive at the Pokémon Center later this month, so remember to subscribe to the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter to stay up to date and learn when A Cool New Friend will be available for purchase.

What do you think of this adorable figure? Let us know your thoughts below!