A New Digimon Story Game Is In Development, Digimon Survive Is 30% Complete

A New Digimon Story Game Is In Development, Digimon Survive Is 30% Complete

In the latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu, Digimon Survive producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki and chief producer Kazumasa “Habumon” Habu shared several new details about the game.

First, both producers revealed development for Digimon Survive is currently 30% complete. They also dropped a second major bombshell – a new Digimon Story game is in development, but it will be some time before we get to see it.

While no platforms were named for the new Digimon Story game, we can certainly expect it to come to Nintendo Switch as many Digimon games, including Digimon Survive, are on Nintendo platforms.

Check out more details below.

  • A new Digimon Story game is in development, but its development will still take some time.


  • For that reason, we’re creating Digimon Survive to have some new content until then. We’d be glad to see it become a third Digimon series.


  • Digimon Survive has characters that die depending on the choices you make, and things that we couldn’t really do in the anime will also occur.


  • While it doesn’t mean that the ending has that many branches, but the scenario does branch out based on the detailed choices the player makes.


  • Currently, it is mostly split up into three routes. I think it’d be nice if we could put together an extra route.


  • Battles, too, will have things such as enemy and ally statuses, and even victory conditions, change depending on the choices you make.


  • The Digimon evolutions will also change based on your scenario selections.


  • The game has over 100 Digimon along with some extras. There’s less focus on the number of Digimon, but rather, Digimon that were chosen to fit the atmosphere of the world.


  • We’d like to keep expanding on the worlds of game original Digimon.


  • Development for Digimon Survive is at 30%.