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b, ud0, o04, 3lh, A Porsche Gets A Bulbasaur Makeover In Brazil | NintendoSoup
A Porsche Gets A Bulbasaur Makeover In Brazil

A Porsche Gets A Bulbasaur Makeover In Brazil

Well we know someone’s favorite starter.

Twitter user Bulbasaur propoganda shared in a tweet that a car customizer named Akira Nakai has customized their car in honor of the Grass/Poison Type starter, Bulbasaur.

This Porsche has Bulbasaur’s color theme, name, and image on the car itself.

Bulbasaur propoganda added in another tweet that Nakai specializes in working with older Porsche models which they do in Brazil.

What Pokemon would you like to see take over a Porsche? Let us know below.