A Robot Named Fight! Receives Free 4-Player Co-op Update, Now On Sale For $2

A Robot Named Fight! Receives Free 4-Player Co-op Update, Now On Sale For $2

Publisher Hitcents and developer Matt Bitner Games have rolled out the latest free update for the metroidvania game A Robot Named Fight!.

This time, the update introduces a new 4-player co-op mode where one player controls Fight, and the others control Orbs to help the robot on its quest. Apart from this, the update also includes a number of bug-fixes and adjustments.

To go along with this update, A Robot Named Fight! will also go on sale for about $2 on the Switch eshop from from July 11th through July 25th. This includes the base game as well as all the updates its received so far.

You can check out the full details below:

A Robot Named Fight! is back with another free update, only a month after the massive “Big Wet Update”!

Introducing a brand-new 4-player co-op mode – where one player plays as Fight and up to 3 more players can join in as orbs, helping Fight to beat back the meat – in addition to bug fixes, room revisals, balance changes, and more.

The constantly evolving monster that is ARNF will also be on sale for only $1.99 on both the Nintendo Switch from July 11th through July 25th and on Steam from July 15th through July 25th! This includes the base game in addition to the surplus of updates that have launched since its release.

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:

Any Key will now cause the Title Screen to progress when it readys “Press Any Key”
Titlescreen will no longer read “Press Return” if user is using a joystick and switches to keyboard
Fixed crash caused by using the cloaking device in a room with creatures that have the hopper behavior.
Fixed bug where Lil Zurvan would spawn copies of Search Burst activated item.
Fixed visual glitch with viridian shell and dive shell combo.
Fixed several rare issues where boss rooms could be placed without the appropriate gating.
Fixed issue where “Very High” jump rooms could spawn at the start of underwater paths and cause soft-locks
Fixed issue where Dash would briefly return movement controls to normal when used under confusion effect
Fixed issue where Teleporters could be placed such that they need items from later areas to access
Fixed issue where using Module Transmogrifier to blow up an item dropped by champions would make all future champion items unattainable.
Fixed issue where certain enemies would trigger room lock down in Forbidden Place.

Revised Rooms:

BuriedCity1x2Jump01 – fixed out of bounds
CoolantSewers1x2VeryHighLeft02 – fixed stray tile
CoolantSewers1x1JumpLeft01 – fixed potential soft-lock with slide
CoolantSewers1x1JumpLeft01 – fixed floor
Factory2x2AllExits02 – made jump easier
Surface2x1DamageBlocks01 – improved camera bounds
Surface2x1Jump01 – improved camera bounds
Factory1x2VeryHighDownLeft01 – double-jump sequence break (and potential soft-lock) more difficult to achieve
Cave2x1Arachnomorph01 – fixed backwards facing Wall Tumor Shooters
BuriedCity1x2AllExit02 – fixed broken item block in lower right corner
Cave1x2VeryHighLeft01 – can be escaped if underwater
Cave1x2VeryHighDownRight01 – can be escaped if underwater

Balance Changes:

ArtificeBeam now costs 1 Red, Blue, Green and 0 Gray
The placement of bonus items is now effected by expected traversal capabilities. Items like Explorb and Master Map will no longer be placed behind gates that require the “final item”, etc.
Aura Bolt’s aura doesn’t destroy projectiles
New items added to Buluc-Chabtan’s item pool
New items added to Wadjet-Mikail’s item pool
Phaserang now lets you fire multiple Phaserangs
Phaserang has an initial velocity of 24 opposed to 16
Phaserang DPS reduced from 35 to 24
Phaserang won’t auto deselect unless your energy is lower than the cost to fire a new rang and there are no rangs currently out.
White Wyrm can target Co-op Players.
Secret Boss’s laser can target Co-op Players.
Tyr’s Horns now applies it’s 10% champion spawn bonus before the 1/3 penalty of previously visited rooms is applied.
Bligthbark attacks faster


New Coolant Sewers Deathmatch map
All Coolant Sewers Shops have new BG Palette
Inactive teleporters provide dim light
Input on non-Player 1 controllers brings up “Join Game” prompt
Support for up to 3 co-op orbs

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