Ace Angler: Nintendo Switch Version Launches In Asia July 21

Ace Angler: Nintendo Switch Version Launches In Asia July 21

Bandai Namco has announced an Asian release for the fishing simulation game Fishing Spirits on Switch.

The game will arrive in Asia under the name “Ace Angler: Nintendo Switch Version” on July 21 2020. It will feature Japanese voiceover with English subtitles.

You can check out the official announcement trailer below, along with additional details from Bandai Namco Entertainment Southeast Asia.

About Ace Angler: Nintendo Switch Version

In the Nintendo Switch version, enjoy the realistic force feedback of casting the line and reeling in the fish with Joy-Con “Rod Technique.” More fun is also added in with responsive HD vibration, where the rod responses when the fish takes the bait as though you’re fishing for real!

Under the supervisor of the Ace Angler team, the “Medal Mode” of the arcade fishing simulation game will be followed closely and implemented into Nintendo Switch to enjoy the fishing experience fully! Furthermore, set sail on a journey with the Kappa brothers in the single-player ‘Adventure Mode’ to capture all the big fishes.

Have fun with your family and friends in “Competition Mode” in which Joy-Cons can be split up and played up to four players! The three modes can be selected accordingly to the meet players’ playstyle and needs! There are also 50 new species added into the game, giving a total of 220 fishes to be caught! Take on the challenge and reel in all the fishes!

About Ace Angler

Ace Angler is a popular fishing stimulation game in arcades all over the globe.

A fishing stimulation game where you reel in small fishes such as clownfish and boxfish as well as the big fishes such as angler shark, giant squid using a “Rod Controller”! Acquire medals when you catch a fish and get even more medals when you reel in the big fishes!

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