Action Party Game Gerritory Heads To Switch On May 7, 2020

Action Party Game Gerritory Heads To Switch On May 7, 2020

Seeking out more laugh-out-loud gaming experiences with friends and family? This upcoming minimalist party title might be what you’re looking for!

The Switch eShop has updated with a listing for Gerritory, which launches 7 May 2020 for $7.99 USD. The game sees players trying to paint most of the game board with their own colored cube – while ensuring their opponents don’t do the same!

Check out an earlier teaser trailer below, along with more details:

Get your territory! Move and color the tiles!

Gerritory is a 4-player action party game with unique game rules and minimalistic visuals.

You and your friends control cube characters to move in various levels and color tiles to score points. The one who is behind the scoreboard can kill another player with a higher point by stepping on them. If you reach the goal point or have the highest point when the time is up, you win!


  • Unique but simple game rules
  • Move and color the tiles to score points!
  • Kill the superior players by stepping on them!
  • Unlock more than 30 levels with different tiles and features.
  • Additional environment modes that challenge your skills: *Blackout, Game of Tag and Air Raid.
  • Utilize various power-ups to win the game!
  • Different match mode
  • Compete in a series of games to be the final winner.
  • Customize game objectives and environments in the custom match.
  • Play as different cube characters.
  • Battle against your friends locally or AI bots!