AI: The Somnium Files- New Screenshots, Character and Story Details Revealed

AI: The Somnium Files- New Screenshots, Character and Story Details Revealed

Spike Chunsoft have revealed some brand new details for their upcoming game AI: The Somnium Files centering around the characters and the Sommnium Parts!

The game will follow a detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police by the name of Kaname Date who is on a case to investigate the identity of a serial killer in Tokyo.

The game will take place in both the real world and the Somnium Parts which will allow you to explore the dreams of key people who are involved with the case using a device called the PSYNC for a short amount of time!

Check out some newly released screenshots below:

AI: The Somnium Files Screenshots

Here are some brand new characters that have been revealed:

  • Kaname Date (voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki): A police officer and a member of the ABIS unit. Using PSYNC, he can dive in the dreams of suspects and key characters. He lost one of his eye 6 years ago, and it was replaced by an artificial eye called AI-ball, which is equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

  • AI-Ball (voiced by Akari Kitou): Kaname Date’s artificial left eye. In the real world, it can take the form of a cute little creature, moving around. But in the world of dreams, it takes the form of a beautiful young woman. It’s directly linked to Kaname Date’s brain, and basically serves as his “avatar” in the dream world.

  • Boss (voiced by Yuuko Kaida): Kaname Date’s boss, and commander of ABIS. She’s known the detective for a long while. She can be quite the cunning tactician.


  • Pewter (voiced by Hiroki Gotou): a genius engineer from ABIS. He’s the one who came up with not just the PSYNC device, but also AI-Ball. As such, her personality reflects his personal tastes.

The Mental Locks will act as barriers that prevent the person dreaming from remembering any important things and your goal will to find all the clues to get rid of the Mental Locks.

You will only have around 6 minutes in the dream world and every action you do will slightly reduce your time which means you will have to think about your actions quite carefully.

There will also be a branching story line similar to the previous games which you can check out an example of below:

  • You managed to get Mizuki’s voice back > you get new testimony from her as a result
  • You didn’t manage to get Mizuki’s voice back > you get an earful from Iris


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at NintendoSoup so stay tuned for more!