Akiba’s Trip: First Memory Listed For Nintendo Switch In Japan, With A May 20 Launch Date

Akiba’s Trip: First Memory Listed For Nintendo Switch In Japan, With A May 20 Launch Date

It looks like the bizarre and stripperific Akiba’s Trip series will soon be finding a new home on Nintendo Switch!

Recently-deleted retail listings from Yodobashi Japan have revealed Akiba’s Trip: First Memory – which appears to be a remastered version of the original Akiba’s Trip for Nintendo Switch and PS4! The title will apparently be launching in Japan on 20 May 2021, with both a “10th Anniversary Edition” physical release (shown below) planned.

This lines up with a 2019 announcement by XSEED that the original Akiba’s Trip was being remastered in the west as Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed for PS4 and PC, so First Memory and Hellbound & Debriefed are most likely just different regional titles for the same game. However, there had been no prior news of a Switch version release for Japan or the west up to this point.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if XSEED confirms this title for Nintendo Switch in the future. In the meantime, here’s a earlier blurb about Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed from XSEED:

“Take a trip back to the origin of a series that will knock more than just your socks off! In Akiba’s Trip, players expose vampiric creatures called Shadow Souls to deadly sunlight by liberating them of their clothes. Now, a fully remastered version of the original “Strip Action RPG” is coming to the West for the first time. Following the success of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, which was released as Akiba’s Trip 2 in Japan and has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide, Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed completely rebuilds the first title in a modern engine, bringing back the beat-’em-up, strip-’em-down gameplay fans know and love while accurately rendering Akihabara, Japan’s geek paradise, from circa 2012 in glorious HD.”