Amazon US Ceases Free International Shipping To Singapore

Amazon US Ceases Free International Shipping To Singapore

It’s a sad day for gamers and other customers living in Singapore as Amazon US is no longer providing free shipping for purchases over USD125.

In 2013, Amazon US started offering free international shipping to customers living in Singapore as long as they purchased a minimum of USD125 worth of products in one single order. It was a great way to import expensive electronic products such as the Nintendo Switch which has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of USD299.99 (SGD404) in the United States while in Singapore it retails for SGD520 (USD386) after all additional games in a bundle are removed.

However things aren’t so bad as the cheapest and slowest shipping option for a Nintendo Switch to Singapore only costs USD12, so it’s still much cheaper than buying the Switch locally.

Amazon US hasn’t officially announced the end of the free international shipping deal yet, and neither have they confirmed or denied it will return in the future. In Mexico, a similar free international shipping program is in effect but there’s currently no word on it ending yet.

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