Anima: Arcane Edition & Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Now Available Physically In Europe

Anima: Arcane Edition & Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Now Available Physically In Europe

Starting today, European Switch collectors will have two new gems to add to their videogame libraries!

Badland has officially launched Anima: Arcane Edition and Ginger: Beyond the Crystal in physical form for Europe! Check out the official press release for both titles below.

Madrid (Spain), January 10th, 2019: After some time on Nintendo eShop, Anima: Arcane Edition (which includes the two installments of the series) and Ginger: Beyond the Crystal make the leap to physical format.

Collectors, purists and lovers of storing their collection of games on their shelves are in luck: two big names in the indie scene materialise and make their way to retail stores.

Anima: Arcane Edition combines the two episodes of the series, Gate of Memories and Nameless Chronicles, in a single title, while Ginger: Beyond the Crystal represents one of the biggest indie bets in the 3D platformer genre.

Anima: Gate of Memories is an Action RPG series packed with spectacular attacks and memorable bosses, which mixes elements inherited from traditional table top RPG with a gameplay reminiscent of hack & slash classics like Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata.

Action, exploration and evolution of the character through experience points are some of the mechanics included in its gameplay.

The two installments of Anima: Gate of Memories are two completely independent adventures, although there will be no shortage of elements, characters and winks that only those who play both installments of the saga will recognize.

With an epic soundtrack created by Sonotrigger Studios and stunning visuals that mixes cel-shading graphics with realistic 3D environments, Anima: Arcane Edition has it all to become the best Action RPG indie duo on Nintendo Switch catalog.

In the blueish skin of Ginger, the player will have to rebuild a world in ruins, devastated by the explosion of the crystal that gives the game its title.

Fifteen levels, spanned over three worlds, makes up the title from Drakhar Studio; Ginger will have to explore that levels, recovering the crystal fragments and purifying them through the godess, while surviving all kind of platforms and enemies.

Ginger won’t be alone on his journey: he can count on the help of his fellows, kidnapped and trapped in other worlds, that will give him new skills once they’re free.

Main features:

  • Old-school 3D platformer, in the line of classics such as Super Mario 64 or Spyro The Dragon.
  • Adventure, exploration and platforms with a strategic twist: village re-building.
  • Fifteen levels spanned over three different worlds.
  • More than 200 side quests.
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