Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Updated To Version 1.2

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Updated To Version 1.2

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Nintendo’s latest mobile game, has just received a big update, adding various new features and improvements.

Here are the details, courtesy of Nintendo.

A Big Update Is Here!

We’ve upgraded your campsite with some exciting new features! Let’s take a look…

Changing Animal Outfits

You can now change the outfits of visiting animals! To get started, just talk to one of the animals at your campsite.
※ You can only change an animal’s outfit once he or she has reached a certain Friendship Level.
※ Some clothing items may not be available to use with all animals.


You can now place multiple rugs in your campsite at once!

Brake Tapper

You can now play the Brake Tapper game at OK Motors! Line up the pictures correctly to earn caps, which you can then exchange for in-game prizes.

Send a Tune

There’s a fun new way to add nearby players as friends!
You can now use your smart device to send a tune to another player. When the other player receives the tune and accepts your friend request, the two of you will become in-game friends! ♪

※ To try it, tap More, Friends, Add Friend, and then Send a Tune.
※ A compatible smart device is required.
※ Both players must be in the same physical location with their devices to use this feature.

Help with Shovelstrike Quarry

You can now ask multiple friends for help at once in Shovelstrike Quarry.
※ You can ask up to 10 friends for help at once.

Text Updates

We have updated some of the game’s text.

We hope that you enjoy these new features and continue to enjoy playing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game!