Atari Updates Game Partners Page With RollerCoaster Tycoon Switch Features

Atari Updates Game Partners Page With RollerCoaster Tycoon Switch Features

Atari has updated their Game Partners page with a list of features that will be making it into the Nintendo Switch version of RollerCoaster Tycoon.

The game will come with most of the expected features but perhaps the thing you would like to note the most is how the game will do in the graphics category. The game will run at 30fps both docked and handheld. However, the docked mode will see a higher resolution at 1080p while handheld will be capped at the hardware resolution of 720p.

Here are the non-exhaustive list of features:

The current features of RollerCoaster Tycoon on the Nintendo Switch include, but are not limited to:

  • 3 Game Modes – Campaign, Scenario, and Sandbox:
    • Tycoon Campaign Mode – The main mode of the game: Research and discover wild new rides and attractions, expand your land, and grow from a humble park to an Amusement Empire!
    • Scenario Mode – Complete 16 tricky objectives with specific time limits and other constraints. Each scenario has 3 difficulty levels and rewards to unlock.
    • Sandbox Mode – Create the park of your dreams in four environment types with unlimited time and unlimited resources.
  • 7 types of fully customizable roller coasters with Ride Cams: Wooden, Steel, Winged, Hyper, Inverted, Dive, and Accelerator.
  • Over 50 vivid colors to customize rides, roller coasters, shops and restaurants to your liking.
  • A variety of adult and kid peeps with fun animations – even on rides and roller coasters!
  • Park terraforming with pre-made path, foliage & river tiles. Create forests, lakes and rivers!
  • 4 Environments:
    • Alpine – Hit the slopes with this beautiful, mountain-topped map. Watch out for caribou!
    • Oasis – The desert heat shimmers off the sand in this deadly paradise – but the cooling palms and spring of the oasis sure help!
    • Canyon – It’s time to hit the dusty trail and rustle up some varmints in this Western-themed environment.
    • Tropical locales – Buried treasure and pirates galore are found among this timber-shivering island map.
  • Over 120 wacky rides, restaurants and shops, from the humble Merry-go-Round to the death-defying Roto-Drop, all featuring advanced shaders and effects.
  • Intuitive JoyCon or Touchscreen Controls allows you to play the way you want.
  • Seamless play between dock mode and handheld mode. Plug, unplug and continue to play!
  • Multiple save slots to experiment with different game modes or share the game with family members.
  • Runs at 1080P @ 30FPS docked, and 720P @ 30FPS in handheld mode.

If you have some spare cash, the Game Partners page is also willing to take some of that money in exchange for some investment perks. So it’s worth to take a look at it too.