Atelier Ryza Introduces Four More Characters And Gathering Point Synthesis

Atelier Ryza Introduces Four More Characters And Gathering Point Synthesis

More details about Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout have emerged – giving us a new sneak peek of its cast and gameplay.

The newest issue of Famitsu reveals more details about the upcoming fantasy RPG. Namely, we get some new details about four more side characters in the game, as well as a new mechanic that will let players create gathering points on their own!

For now, we don’t have the full magazine scans of this information. However, you can still check out some brief translations from Gematsu:

Characters (name spellings not confirmed)

  • Ampel Vollmer (voiced by Hirofumi Nojima) – A wandering alchemist researching the ruins. He is renting out a house in Razenboden while investigating. While he is quite knowledgeable, due to certain events that occurred in the past, he is no longer able to use alchemy. He is a battle party member.
  • Bohs Brunnen (voiced by Yohei Azakami) – The only son of the Brunnen family, he is an influential man in Razenboden Village. He is arrogant and prideful, but wields great political power. He has both influence and intelligence.
  • Lumbar Dorun (voiced by Fukushi Ochiai) – A coward who is loyal to the strong. He is loyal to Bohs, and makes fun of Ryza and friends.
  • Moritz Brunnen (voiced by Ryota Takeuchi) – Bohs’ father. Though he is good at what he does, he does not have a great reputation.


  • Gathering Point Synthesis – Create gathering points through synthesis.

Atelier Ryza will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Japan on 26 September 2019.