Balan Wonderworld Receives Suspiciously High Reviews on Metacritic

Balan Wonderworld Receives Suspiciously High Reviews on Metacritic

The latest platformer from Square Enix released just one week ago and has been panned by critics across the internet. But it seems like it’s found a haven…on Metacritic?

Balan Wonderworld was unveiled a year ago with a theatrical aesthetic and colorful presentation. But the demo that released shortly after quickly dissolved the masquerade surrounding the game’s quality.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that there was a Day one patch for the game due to report of epilepsy sensitive players being triggered by scenes from the game.

Alongside the less then spectacular reviews from sites such as IGN and user ratings on Steam, the game has not had a favorable debut.

NintendoLife recently reported that they found several 10/10 ratings for the game on Metacritic. Many of which have usernames which looks like jargon and reviews that contain grammatical inconsistencies.

Here are some examples provided by Alex from Nintendo Life.

“Live this game as an adventure And you will be rewarded with the best platform ever” – Larryor

“Overall, I’m feel satisfied by this Balan Wonderworld” – Ukaty

“Best game of this decade” – Omono

“A really shiny experience to live for just have some good moments of fun, with a nice platform” – Beryph

Given the general bad reception surrounding the game, these comments look very suspicious. The simplest explanation for these reviews is that they were generated by bots according to Alex. How else could you explain the pattern of broken English with strange usernames for a game that is doing poorly almost everywhere else?

We took at look at the more recent reviews and found this pattern continuing with review such as this one from a user named Eruthym.

Mar 27, 2021
The literally most funny game that I’ve ever seen.
Highly reply levels added to a ingenious level design.
The best combo
It’s hard to determine the motive for these bots as the game has just released so we don’t know any sales numbers but it will be interesting to see where this goes.

What do you think about this strange situation for Balan Wonderworld? Let us know below.