Baseball Riot Heading To Switch

Baseball Riot Heading To Switch

The European Switch eShop has put up a listing for Baseball Riot.

According to the listing, the game will arrive January 19, 2018 on Switch. It’s highly likely to be the same case in North America.

Check out more details and the game’s official trailer below.

Baseball Riot is a physics-based puzzle game that includes comedy and chaos! In the role of retired star batter, Gabe Carpaccio, he waged a crusade to free his former teammates from Explodz Inc. He hits Explodz’s minions, like heavy fans, corrupt referees, cautious catchers and more with the baseball. Make the ball bounce off walls and platforms to knock down several enemies in one hit. Dice Explodz boxes to launch enemies into the air! The enemies will fall to your power while you get the three stars of each level. Beat more than 100 levels to save your team!


  • Physics puzzle game easy to understand
  • Shoot your enemies in a funny way
  • More than 100 levels
  • Explosive chain reactions and objects to break
  • Score of three stars and complicated achievements