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Fun Crossover Art To Celebrate Launch Of Astral Chain | NintendoSoup
Bayonetta Character Designer Whips Up Fun Crossover Art To Celebrate Launch Of Astral Chain

Bayonetta Character Designer Whips Up Fun Crossover Art To Celebrate Launch Of Astral Chain

Today finally marks the launch of Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch, and it looks like the developers at PlatinumGames are celebrating in style.

Bayonetta’s designer Mari Shimazaki recently contributed some fun artwork to commemorate the occasion – and fans will definitely love it. Namely, it features none other than the witch Bayonetta crossing paths with the Astral Chain protagonists! Hilarity even ensues with Bayonetta trying to substitute for the player’s legion partner.

Check it out in full below.

If you’ve not grabbed your copy of Astral Chain, you can still do so over here! Happy crime-busting!