Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero Has Over 50 Beys And 40 Characters

Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero Has Over 50 Beys And 40 Characters

FuRyu, the publisher and developer of Nintendo Switch game Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero, has revealed several new details.

The company confirmed Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero will feature over 50 Beys and 40 characters. Players will be able to shoot Beys similar to how they would in real life, with the use of the left Joy-Con (launcher) and right Joy-Con (winder).

Check out the first details and overview trailer below. Pre-order the game here.


  • Enjoy super intense Beyblade battles whether you’re at home or on the go with Switch. Beys are realistically reproduced on Switch, and their movement is higher intensity than ever before.
  • Use the Joy-Cons to shoot Beys like you would in real life. The Joy-Con (L) becomes the launcher. Decide the position and angle at which you want to hold, fixate, and shoot. The Joy-Con (R) becomes the winder. Pull it back behind your left hand and shoot! When the Beys in play collide with each other, the battle will break out. Shake your Joy-Cons to send the Bey your power and defeat the opponent’s Bey.
  • Over 40 characters will appear, including Aiga, Valt, and many others. Enjoy dream matches in the game.
  • Over 50 types of Beys will appear. The latest Beys are also included in the game. Of course, you can even customize your Beys.