BLACK BIRD Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

BLACK BIRD Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

Onion Games is publishing their side-scrolling shooter BLACK BIRD on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop.

The game will launch on 18 October with 1,980 yen price tag. Rise from your depressing demise as the ominous black bird, and spread your deadly wings across a miserable and unfair world.

Check out the promo trailer and some screenshots below.

Once upon a time, there was a pitiful girl. Because nobody helped her, she had died.


After a while, a mysterious gentleman appeared from nowhere, and poked her with his cane.


Then, the girl became a big, big egg. The egg broke with a crisp sound, and a vicious “black bird” was born.


[Game Features]

  • A darkly humorous world, built with loving care, pixel by pixel.
  • A unique audio/visual mix combined in an action-packed shooting game.
  • 8 different endings!