Blaster Master Zero II Original Soundtrack Announced For Japan

Blaster Master Zero II Original Soundtrack Announced For Japan

Inti Creates has announced that the Blaster Master Zero II Original Soundtrack will release in Japan this May.

The CD will feature all 37 songs from the game, along with a 20-page, full-color booklet with comments from the dev team. The soundtrack will release in Japan on May 1 2019, with pre-orders going live on April 23. There is currently no word on whether there will be a western release for the soundtrack, but we will bring more news as it comes.

In the meantime, check out the cover art, along with the full track list below:

1 Pandora Box
2 Blaster Master Zero 2
3 Gaia-Sofia
4 Flossante: Sky High
5 Flossante: Falldown
6 feeling of premonition
7 Cosmic crash
8 echo
9 Mutant Pandemic
10 Planet Road
11 Planetoid: Meteolite
12 Eve and Jason
13 Montoy: A Battlefield Running on Mt.
14 Montoy: Ryukyu Flowing Water
15 Another Light
16 One hundred thousand surnames of one thousand per thousand
17 Abandoned Wolf
18 connected chicks
19 Planetoid: Shooting Star
20 L-229: Missing Link
21 L-229: Lost Frontier
22 Leibniz
23 Stranga: Net Rip Trap
24 Stranga: Trip Planet
25 Fears! !
26 Divide: Divide
27 Divide: Hot Sand and Ice Crystals
28 Great earthquake, lightning, explosion, father
29 Parasitic planets
30 Planade-G
31 The future that can not reach
32 To the place where the heart aims
33 Unleashing, the area of ​​the heartbeat
34 The Roar of Disaster
35 Ji Issu Bi Total
36 The Last Zeog
37 Beyond the End
38 Battle Blasters (Blaster Master Zero)

Blaster Master Zero II is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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