Bloodstained “Roguelike” Mode Cancelled, New “Randomizer” Mode And Switch Updates Detailed

Bloodstained “Roguelike” Mode Cancelled, New “Randomizer” Mode And Switch Updates Detailed

Koji Igarashi has shared a new development update on the Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Kickstarter page, detailing some updates heading for Switch along with a slight change of plans.

In the blog, Igarashi explains that the promised “Roguelike” stretch goal for Bloodstained has unfortunately been scrapped due to it being incompatible with the game’s current engine. Instead, it will be replaced with a new “Randomizer” mode that will be free to all players. Furthermore, Igarashi also talked a bit about adding more enhancements to the Switch version.

Check it all out below:

Game Mode Changes
One of the promised stretch goals for the game was Roguelike. Unfortunately, the code that was created early in the game’s development is not currently compatible with this type of gameplay (especially a procedurally generated castle). Due to this, we regret to announce that we will not be developing Roguelike as part of the project’s planned stretch goals.

We know this is a mode that many of you were eagerly anticipating and we apologize that we will not be able to make it happen as planned.

We don’t want to leave a hole in the roster, so we have developed a new game mode called “Randomizer” to take its place. Randomizer will launch with Zangetsu and be available for free. Details on Randomizer are laid out below.

Boss Revenge Mode

On Discord, “Boss Revenge” mode had previously been mentioned as launching at the same time as Zangetsu. This statement was made in error. Boss Revenge is scheduled for the content update that follows Zangetsu and Randomizer.

Switch News

Switch players may have already noticed the 1.04 update that went live in January. While this was the last Switch update focused primarily on performance, we are not done working to improve the platform. Switch has come a long way since launch and we are happy with the progress it has made, but there is still more to do (especially in large rooms/dragon towers). We will continually roll out enhancements along with content updates to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Content Cadence

Switch 1.04 brought all the platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch) into ‘Content Parity’, which is a fancy way to say that they all have the same stuff. This was a big milestone for the game. When all the platforms are at the same place, it makes future updates easier to manage. The production teams can all work on the same content and release updates on a schedule with shorter gaps between them.

Randomizer Mode Details

Randomizer is the story campaign you’re used to, but with a twist. Before starting a game, players can choose up to eight different game parameters to be randomized during the playthrough.

As an example, “Items – Retain Method” means that items will be found in the same spawn method (chest, mob drop, etc.) as normal. Items found in chests will still be found in chests, they will just get mixed around. “Total random” means anything can drop anywhere.

The mode will ensure safeguards to ensure that items needed to complete the game will be obtainable, so you can’t softlock your progress.

Once you make your selections, you can generate a seed that you can use for reference or to share with someone else. In addition, a timer will track your progress through the game and display your completion time at the end of a run.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the new mode and work to get the shortest clear time possible for your permutations!

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