Boreal Blade Launches On Switch Today

Boreal Blade Launches On Switch Today

Frozenbyte, the developers behind Trine, have just launched a brand new fighting game on Switch today.

The game is called Boreal Blade, and is described as a “team-based melee fighting game” offering “a fluid combat system and the possibility to develop sophisticated fighting techniques and tactics”. It is now available for purchase via the Switch eshop. More details along with a release trailer can be found below:

“Boreal Blade strikes an excellent balance between realism and gameplay. The game turns away from the rock-paper-scissors approach where weapons and shields matter only when the player presses the corresponding button to use them for attacking or blocking. Actually, there is no block button at all, but the passive blocking featured in the game allows players to block attacks by simply positioning themselves wisely and timing their attacks with care.

Pre-determined attack key combinations and complex counter moves have been abandoned in favour of the beautiful simplicity of only a single attack button – and hundreds of ways to variate every attack. Players can move their weapon and character around freely, turning an attack into a block – and back to another attack just in a blink of an eye. Strikes and blocks meld into a seamless continuity.

Weapon movement feels very natural, allowing players to create and modify their signature moves and distinctive fighting styles. More seasoned warriors can spice up their game with dodges, sprints, blocks, powered attacks, feint attacks and weapon throws to confuse opponents and make the battle more unpredictable and exciting.”

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