Box Office Analysis Predicts Big Opening For Detective Pikachu

Box Office Analysis Predicts Big Opening For Detective Pikachu

Could Detective Pikachu be the first truly successful video-game adaptation movie?

Let’s face it, video-game adaptation movies haven’t had a very good track record, especially when it come to live action. Even if they turn out entertaining, its usually in a “so bad its good” kind of way. However, Detective Pikachu seems on track to defy that losing streak by actually looking pretty good, at least from the reception its getting from fans.

That said, its not enough to get rave reviews, a successful movie also has to bring in the cash. According to a forecast by analysts at Box Office Pro, Detective Pikachu is on track to do just that. Here’s a summary of their report courtesy of Gonintendo:

– Opening Weekend Range: $75 million+
– prospective $250 million USD gross overall
– social media buzz has been spectacular, breaking Box Office Pros’ Twitter tracking record with 400,000+ mentions on day 1
– Ryan Reynolds’ voice presence could further bolster appeal to the curious and uninitiated audiences
– opening in the third weekend of Avengers: Endgame and two weeks before Aladdin could give it breathing room

The film sure has come a long way from the initial skepticism many had when it was first announced. We look forward to seeing how it does for ourselves once it releases on May 10 2019.What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.