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m1, h, Brand New 1TB Memory Card Melted Someone's Nintendo Switch | NintendoSoup
Brand New 1TB Memory Card Melted Someone’s Nintendo Switch

Brand New 1TB Memory Card Melted Someone’s Nintendo Switch

Today we have a very strange news coming from a Redditor who recently purchased a 1TB Sandisk microSDXC card from Best Buy.

The Redditor, called NefariousZhen, bought a brand new memory card from Best Buy when it was going for a low price on Black Friday. After inserting the memory card into his Nintendo Switch system which was turned off, he turned on the system, and then realized that a part of the Switch was melted by the memory card after he smelt a burning smell:

“The switch was off. It is required to be off when installing an SD card… When I turned it on, it didn’t even show the Nintendo logo. I soon smelt what can only be described as burnt transistors and melting plastic, flipped it back around, touched the slot (dumb idea!) and then went into panic mode to pop it back out.”

NefariousZhen, who was shocked by what happened, decided to touch the melted section of the Switch. He said it was “massively hot”. Up till now, he has no idea what had happened, though many other users suspected that the memory card was faulty.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch is still in working condition, though the memory card slot is probably busted. Hopefully the teams at Sandisk and Nintendo will investigate the issue and find out what went wrong.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


A few people have come forward claiming the same thing happened to them in the past:

“This happened to my switch with a SanDisk 256GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I after more than a year of use. Maybe some devices have faulty card readers? I thought it was something else. The same card is still working in a new switch. Frigging hell. Now that I know what the problem may be, I’m going to see about getting a different card.”

“I had a micro SD card that got cracked. When I put it in a card reader it short circuited and got very hot very quick. I pulled it out 2 seconds after putting it in and the card was too hot to touch”

Nintendo has also said that they will take care of repairing the Nintendo Switch, regardless of whether it was the fault of the memory card.