Brand New Octopath Traveler Trailer, Images, And Info Revealed

Brand New Octopath Traveler Trailer, Images, And Info Revealed

Square Enix has revealed tons of new information about Octopath Traveler in Japan.

First up are some details about the game’s characters. Tressa Colozone is a merchant aged 18 who used to work at a lodging house run by her parents. She didn’t know what she wanted to do in life until seeing a merchant ship.

Tressa has the ability to procure rare items that aren’t sold in stores for the player on the field. In combat, she can summon mercenaries by spending money to fight on her behalf. She can also share BP with other party members and refill her HP and SP.

The next character is Alfyn Greengrass the Apothecary, a hot blooded 21 year old. When he was a child, he was saved by a traveling apothecary who gave him medicine for free. On the field, Alfyn has the ability to listen to chatter and gather information for the player. In combat, he can “restore HP, cure ailments, and revive allies”.

Also revealed was the JP (Job Points) system. Players can spend JP to master abilities specific to their job. Aside from the basic job every unit has, characters can learn a Battle Job which changes stats depending on the equipment worn, increases the number of items that can be equipped, and master the abilities of that job. Changing a character’s job also alters their look in the game.

Check out the trailer, artwork, and screenshots below.