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srd, pl, fh, 8i, cdi, p, Castle Crashers Remastered Officially Launches For Switch On September 17 | NintendoSoup
Castle Crashers Remastered Officially Launches For Switch On September 17

Castle Crashers Remastered Officially Launches For Switch On September 17

Looking for a fun party beat-em-up brawler on your Switch? The ultimate classic game that re-defined the genre will finally be launching in remastered form next month!

The Behemoth has officially confirmed that Castle Crashers Remastered will be hitting Nintendo Switch on 17 September 2019, for $14.99 USD. This updated release for consoles will include the original game that fans know and love – along with new features like 60 fps gameplay, a new spin-off minigame, and more!

Check out the release date trailer below, along with more details from The Behemoth’s official blog.

After months of responding to questions and posts and tweets of “When is Castle Crashers coming?” with “Later this summer!” and “Soon™” too many times to count, today we are finally ready to share more information with you.

Castle Crashers Remastered for Switch will be available to purchase digitally on the Nintendo E-shop for $14.99 USD when it hits stores on September 17, 2019. When the PS4 version of the game launches, you will be able to pick it up in the PlayStation Store for the same price.

What does the “Remastered” part mean?

Remastered means the game includes all of the differences from the original:

  • The fast-paced and frantic mini-game “Back Off Barbarian” that you can play by yourself or with your friends
  • Texture sizes are five times greater than the original game, which means the game is five times more beautiful
  • 60 frames per second gameplay! (The original ran at 30FPS which is not nearly as smooth)
  • All previously released downloadable content including characters, weapons, and animal orbs will be available to unlock in-game
  • Various performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer

What special Nintendo Switch features are there? What about PlayStation 4?

The Switch features HD Rumble, Switch Online, and up to 4-player local Joy-Con support so you can use your Joy-Cons in any configuration to play with friends online, offline, on the big screen, or in the palm of your hand. On PS4, lightbars will be set ablaze with your character affinity color, and you can play online or offline with friends for up to 4-player chaos!