Catch Up On April 4th’s FEH Channel Presentation

Catch Up On April 4th’s FEH Channel Presentation

Today, Nintendo broadcast their latest edition of FEH Channel – which covers upcoming updates for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Here are the highlights of the presentation

New Mechanic: Pair Up

  • Pair Up comes in the next update.
  • Pair Up is an ability for legendary heroes so they can pair up and move as one unit.
  • Players can switch between paired-up heroes anytime they like.
  • Heroes who are paired up together will increase each other’s stats.
  • Pair up is limited to main story, paralogue, training tower, and allegiance battles.

New Mode: Allegiance Battles

  • Allegiance Battles is a new mode where you aim to earn as many points as possible in a single battle.
  • There will be seasons, and each season will be 7 days long.
  • Any two heroes can pair up for Allegiance Battles.
  • There are 3 difficulties to choose from.
  • Defeating an enemy while paired up earns more points.
  • There are three types of bonus scores; quest bonus, friend bonus, and synergy bonus.
  • Allegiance Battles begin on April 27th, 2019.

New Feature: Aether Keep

  • Aether Keep will let you interact with your allies via Aether Resort.
  • Set up various structures here. Including towers, traps, statues, and much more.
  • R&R Affinity is needed to add certain items. Players can also use R&A Affinity to increase the number of heroes that can be in the resort at a time. R&R Affinity is obtained by visiting theAether Resort.
  • Drag a hero into a structure to have them go inside.
  • Interact with heroes in each structure, and different things happen in each type.
  • For 3 orbs, players can get an Aether Resort Pass, which lets players increase the amount of R&R Affinity they earn.
  • Aether Stones let players build more battle structures in Aether Raids.
  • Aether Resort starts with the next update.

Info on the upcoming updates:

  • Aether Raids will let players create 5 teams in the next update.
  • Spring Orb promo starts on April 10th, 2019. This pack comes with bonus orbs.
  • Summoning events will have changes to rarity in an update soon.
  • Heroes with Odd Wave Skills is coming tonight.
  • With the next update, there will be a change to the summoning pool.

You can catch up with these announcements in more detail below.