Catch Up On Today’s FEH Channel (Book Ⅲ Edition) Broadcast

Catch Up On Today’s FEH Channel (Book Ⅲ Edition) Broadcast

Fire Emblem Heroes is about to get a lot darker.

Today’s FEH Channel broadcast has come and gone, featuring the upcoming Book III story update for the mobile game. You can check out both the broadcast in full and the Book III trailer below.

Here are the highlights, courtesy of Japanese Nintendo:

● It begins! Book III takes place in the Realm of the Dead. Eir: Merciful Death, Hel: Death Sovereign, Líf: Lethal Swordsman and Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch are new Heroes. Book III live as soon as maintenance is finished. Additional chapters confirmed for future updates.

● Light, Dark, Astra and Anima seasons to be introduced (in addition to Fire, Water, Wind and Earth). Will operate on a different cycle. Also tied to Mythic Heroes with Eir the first (Light).

● Summoning Event & Hero Fest announced. First Summon Ticket introduced in addition to free summon. Owain, Luna, Ophelia and Eir will be the featured Heroes.

● Tibarn: Lord of the Air to be introduced in Forging Bonds in January along with other Heroes from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Tibarn can transform into a Beast mid-battle.

● Complete Book III, Chapter 1 to receive a free 5★ Eir.