Celeste Has Nearly Sold a Million Copies, No Plans For a Sequel & Why Chapter 9 Is Free

Celeste Has Nearly Sold a Million Copies, No Plans For a Sequel & Why Chapter 9 Is Free

Recently, IGN managed to get an interview with Matt Thorson who is an developer on the successful indie game Celeste.

In the interview, Matt talked about many different topics from not having any plans for a sequel and how the game has nearly sold one million copies.

Check out some of the interview below:

When asked about any plans for a sequel:

“We really don’t want to make a sequel to Celeste. Maybe in the future we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next full release.”

When talking about the big success of Celeste:

I don’t have an exact up-to-date number, but I know we’re coming up on a million copies soon which is unbelievable to us”. “It’s really given us space to create on our own terms for the near future. It’s crazy that we don’t have to charge money for Chapter 9, for example. And it’s amazing that we have the time and resources to form our new studio and get everyone working together in one office. That’ll make our next project go a lot smoother.”

When talking about developing Celeste’s chapter 9:

“When we released Celeste, we honestly felt like we had tapped the well dry. Of course that’s never actually true, but we worked so hard for so long that we reached our limit. After some rest and time away, the ideas began to flow again”. 

When talking about the team’s next big game:

Thorton told IGN that the team’s next game is “not ready to be revealed yet so for now we want to ask everyone to be patient“.


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