CFK Announces Tokyo Game Show 2020 Plans, Will Include New Unannounced Switch Game

CFK Announces Tokyo Game Show 2020 Plans, Will Include New Unannounced Switch Game

Publisher CFK has revealed their plans for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2020.

Their lineup includes three titles that are either currently available on Switch or planned to come to the console soon. These are Nevaeh, QV, and one additional unannounced title. The new unannounced title is scheduled to be revealed on September 24th, although no further details were confirmed.

You can read CFK’s full press release below:

As Tokyo Game Show 2020 starts online exhibition starting September 23, the game publisher CFK will reveal its outstanding games to be released worldwide.

CFK is a game publisher that has delivered fresh and fun experience with creative games to gamers around the world, regardless of language and platform. As an experienced publisher, CFK has released a number of titles on contemporary consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

CFK’s joining TGS 2020 shows its will to feature creative and original games to a larger audience as a global game publisher. In TGS 2020, CFK is planning to introduce Korean and foreign titles that has gathered international attention. Each title, with its bona fide ingenuity, will show off its own character and captivating artworks, as well as multilingual support.

CFK’s lineup for TGS 2020 includes (1) Nevaeh, an action adventure of a girl to bring back light to the dark town, (2) QV, an inter-dimensional adventure of a teenage girl named Quby, and (3) an unannounced game that is to be introduced on September 24.

Lineup for TGS 2020

● Nevaeh
● QV
● Unannounced Title (Switch, PC)

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