Check Out This Fan-Made Zelda: Breath Of The Wild LEGO Set

Check Out This Fan-Made Zelda: Breath Of The Wild LEGO Set

Ever wondered what Breath of the Wild might look like as a LEGO set? This fan-project on LEGO IDEAS has got you covered.

Submitted by Hanswasyellowfirst, the set is a pretty accurate re-creation of the stables from Breath of the Wild. Take a look at this comparison image below:

Here are some more details from the campaign creator:

The Build: 

The roof sections are hinged to allow the stable and horse pen to open up. Inside are 4 beds, a table and chairs, a recipe and the reception desk (for the trusty Stable Master to turn trusty Inn-keep).

Grab some apples or monster parts and cook up something tasty! Missing an ingredient? Why don’t you check the crates, or ask Beedle! I’m sure I saw a Lizalfos horn somewhere about…

Feed the stable dog a nice piece of prime meat, maybe he will reward you!

You may even be able to see signs of a sneaky Korok nearby…


  • Stable
  • Fire Pit & Benches
  • Crates and Ingredients (various)
  • Weapons (various)
  • Horses x3


  • Link
  • Kaas
  • Beedle
  • Pikango
  • Stable Master
  • Traveller
  • ???

We have previously reported on some other fan-made videogame LEGO sets posted to LEGO IDEAS. As of this writing, the LEGO Sonic Mania Set has received over 3000 votes, while this entry for Breath of the Wild sits at just over 1200 votes. For LEGO to consider turning either of these sets into an actual product, they would need at least 10,000 votes each. If you’re interested in contributing to making either project a reality, head on over and cast your vote!

What do you think? Is there a chance for any of these campaigns to come to fruition? What other Nintendo franchises would you like to see in LEGO form? Let us know in the comments below!