Check Out This Kirby Animation Collab With Over 300 Artists Involved

Check Out This Kirby Animation Collab With Over 300 Artists Involved

Recently over 300 different animators came together to help recreate an episode of the classic show Kirby Right Back At Ya! in many different art styles!

The video really turned out very well with many different art styles used and all the animators spent a lot of time making sure the final product was high in quality!

The video itself is a recreation of Episode 49 of the show which you can check out the original here!

Check it out below:

The description reads:

At last. The Kirby Reanimated collab is finally upon us!

This is a non profit animated collaboration. Over a year in the making with over 300+ artists, casual animators and industry veterans alike, coming together to re-animate an episode of Kirby Right Back at Ya! (Episode 49 Cartoon Buffoon) scene by scene. Each scene is done by a different animator. All in good fun! This collaboration is organized and brought to you by Roya Shahidi, an illustrator and animator and a long time fan of the always lovable pink puffball. She’s worked really hard to make this whole thing possible. And they’d like to personally thank everyone who’s been extremely supportive of the project along the way. This project wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s generosity.

Thank you so much and enjoy the show!


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at NintendoSoup so stay tuned for more!