Check Out Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Debut Trailer, Now Out Worldwide

Check Out Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Debut Trailer, Now Out Worldwide

Today marks the launch date of the anticipated return of SUDA51’s latest game – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes!

To celebrate its debut on Nintendo’s newest console, Grasshopper Manufacture released a launch trailer packed with a kaleidoscope of elements.

You can get the game in its physical and digital formats including the DLC’s. In addition, the physical version and the digital bundle both include a Season Pass. Two DLC’s will be coming out on February 28 and April 30, 2019, respectively.

Check it out below:


Get into the game—literally! Beam Katana in hand, Travis Strikes Again!

Several years after No More Heroes 2… This time, the setting is a small town in the middle of nowhere in the American South. Badman shows up at the trailer Travis has been living in to exact revenge for the murder of his daughter, Bad Girl, and things go horribly wrong. As they battle it out, the two are sucked into the game world of the legendary game console, the Death Drive MkⅡ. Developed by Dr. Juvenile, the Death Drive MkⅡ has six games contained on Death Balls. It’s said that collecting all six and then beating each game allows the player to have one wish granted. Travis and Badman team up to use the Death Balls to bring Bad Girl back to life.

Key Features

  • In the Adventure Part, you can search for Death Balls (game software) and enjoy hilarious interactions between characters.
  • Pass a Joy-Con to a friend and team up anytime, anywhere! By performing simultaneous Charge Attacks during co-op play, you can unleash the super-powerful co-op attack Choco Banana with Caramel Ice Cream.
  • Collaborations with various indie games! You just may find your own favorite character!
  • Features lots of laughs and iconic gags from the NMH series, such as saving your game on the toilet, etc.!
  • DLC scheduled to make fan favorites playable! Stages also to be added!
  • Hit the road in an all new adventure with gaming’s most hardcore otaku assassin.
  • Beam Katana in hand, Travis Strikes Again!