Children Of Morta Switch Version Delayed To November 20

Children Of Morta Switch Version Delayed To November 20

Dead Mage & 11 bit studios have an important announcement to tell to Switch fans today.

Apparently, the much anticipated roguelike RPG Children of Morta will be delayed for the hybrid platform until November 2019 from the initially planned October 15th release. The game will now be launching on 20th November 2019. Meanwhile, Children of Morta will still be released this October for other platforms. According to the developer and publisher, this is to ensure that no compromise in terms of quality will be made for the Switch version.

Read their statement below:

Dear Children of Morta Family!

Spending 5 years creating a game is exhausting. Spending 5 years creating a game and then having to delay it — that’s just brutal — but when you’re aiming for excellence and you know it’s within your grasp, you just do it. And that is exactly the case with Children of Morta for Nintendo Switch for us. Quality over anything else. The community of gamers may forgive us the delay but they won’t forgive us a game that is not working perfectly. As delivering the best performance is our highest priority, we are simply delaying the game to November the 20th. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases are going as planned on the 15th of October.

There is no space for compromise in terms of quality. For gamers, it means a bit more of waiting time, for us – more hard work which we’re glad to make. Because in the end, we all have the same goal – a fantastic game.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best regards,
Dead Mage & 11 bit studios