Chocobo GP Announced For Switch, Launches In 2022

Chocobo GP Announced For Switch, Launches In 2022

Race with your friends in this new Final Fantasy spin-off!

Square Enix has announced Chocobo GP, a racing game featuring familiar characters and locations from various Final Fantasy titles.

Check out the announcement trailer and overview of the game below:

Get set for a new racing experience, featuring a roster of dozens of Chocobo characters, complete with their own unique abilities and variants.

Choose your favorite Chocobo series character, and race through familiar tracks set in the Final Fantasy universe.

It won’t be easy crossing the finish line first.

Find magic stones called Magicites (including Fire, Water, and more) throughout the track and equip them to take out the competition.

Engine customization options will be available, as well as local and online multiplayer. Up to 64 players can compete in a bracket-style tournament to determine the racing champion.

Chocobo GP launches for the Switch in 2022.

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