City Of Brass Releasing For Switch on February 8th

City Of Brass Releasing For Switch on February 8th

Uppercut Games has announced that City of Brass will be coming to Switch next month.

This game is made by the team behind BioShock the Switch version includes three new characters that can be unlocked.

City of Brass, the Arabian Nights-inspired first-person rogue-lite adventure, sets out for more cursed treasure on the Nintendo Switch™ Feb. 8, 2019.

Trespass into a cursed city to plunder the treasures hidden within. Armed with a bullwhip and blades, lash and slash through legions of the dead to escape the mazelike metropolis while avoiding its deadly traps.

The Nintendo Switch version will launch with three new unlockable characters alongside the starting duo, as well as a myriad of enhancements like additional relics, weapons, enemies, and other improvements.

See the trailer below for some gameplay footage and the website for more information.