Classics-inspired Tactical RPG ‘Rise Eterna’ Arriving This Year On Switch, Latest Trailer Released

Classics-inspired Tactical RPG ‘Rise Eterna’ Arriving This Year On Switch, Latest Trailer Released

Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer Makee Games have released the latest trailer for the tactical RPG Rise Eterna.

Rise Eterna, a tactical RPG inspired by the 16-bit classic strategy games, is planned for release on Switch this 2019. The game will be released in both digital and physical formats.

Check out the trailer and details (via Steam) below:

Feed your nostalgia with a tactical RPG inspired by the greatest classical titles. Take on an adventurous journey, meet a whole range of unique characters, and immerse yourself in an engaging storyline.

Follow the story of Lua and unveil the mysteries surrounding her origins in this tactical RPG, reminiscence of the 16-bit era Japanese strategy games. Recruit up to 14 characters, each with their unique abilities, and defeat your worst nightmare in epic fights. Unveil a dark and mature story focused on the relationship between two lost souls trying to discover the meaning of there life, fighting side by side.

  • Build your army: 14 characters and countless personalization possibilities. Learn skills, recruit unique heroes, and prepare them for battle. Turn them into war machines, the Empire deserves your wrath.
  • Craft: develop your characters using gems, crafted with numerous ingredients looted during battles.
  • Rich story: experience and share critical moments of Lua and Natheal’s life.
  • Hidden content: will you be able to find all the hidden characters and challenges? The game is deeper than you might think at first glance, search everywhere and become the unquestionable champion of “Ars Rare kingdom”.
  • Nostalgia on steroid: you loved Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics – discover Rise Eterna, tribute to those classic titles, but with a modern twist.


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