Colorware shows of NES themed Joycon paint job

Colorware shows of NES themed Joycon paint job

Reputable gadget colouring firm, Colorware, has shown off a beautifully done NES themed Joycon controllers.

In 1985 Nintendo revolutionized the home entertainment industry by releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES took a niche hobby and brought it into everyone’s living room. ColorWare is bringing back these memories with the release of our limited Joy Con Classic controllers. Available for a limited time only with the first 25 having a number of authenticity. Don’t miss your chance to own these unique custom made Joy Cons.
Enjoy solo or group gameplay with these Limited Edition Nintendo Joy-Con wireless controllers. Made to work with your existing Nintendo Switch system, these sturdy units come with integrated accelerometers, gyro sensors and buttons for an immersive gaming experience. Woven wrist straps keep these Nintendo Joy-Con wireless controllers firmly in your hands.

Each set will set you back USD 199, about USD 120 more than the normal ones. The first 25 shipped units will be numbered and all of then will come with a colorware warranty, as well as, the original packaging. You can get yours here.

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