Cotton Reboot’s Voice Actors And Arrange Mode Composers Revealed

Cotton Reboot’s Voice Actors And Arrange Mode Composers Revealed

Earlier this year, Sangatsu Usagi no Mori revealed that classic side-scrolling shooter Cotton would be getting a modern re-release as Cotton Reboot on Nintendo Switch. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about the project. but some new info for the game’s development has finally popped up!

In particular, the reboot’s website has updated with a new list of the game’s voice cast and composers for the game’s ‘arrange mode’. There are some pretty big names here such as the talents behind Arkanoid and Psyvariar, so check it out below!


– Cotton – Nami Miyaki
– Silk – Kaede Horikawa
– Queen Velvet – Tsubasa Himeno
– Narrator – Natsu Aikawa

Arrange Mode composers

– Kimitaka Matsumae (Kill Me Baby)
– Koichi Namiki (Galaxy Force, Super Hang-On)
– Shinji Hosoe (Dragon Spirit, Ordyne, Ridge Racer)
– Hiroyuki Kawada (The Legend of Valkyrie, Youkai Douchuuki)
– Hisayoshi Ogura Soundscape Production Facility (Arkanoid, Darius series)
– Daisuke Matsumoto (Gothic wa Mahou Shoujo)
– Tetsuro Sato (Psyvariar, Psyvariar 2)
– Kenichi Arakawa (Game Tengoku series, Suchie-Pai series)
– Kenichi Hirata (Cotton series composer)

For now, there is still no official release window for Cotton Reboot. We’ll report back as we hear more.