Creepy Stalker Uses Pokemon GO To Track Down His Target

Creepy Stalker Uses Pokemon GO To Track Down His Target

Today we have some disturbing news to share with you about a stalker using Pokemon GO to follow someone in Japan.

Twitter user @0R0chan, who has been playing Pokemon GO and sharing screenshots of her game on Twitter, has been receiving strange messages from an anonymous user on Twitter. The anonymous user asked questions such as “where are you going” and “I see your (walking distance) has increased”. @oRochan felt very suspicious about these comments, and then it finally happened – the anonymous user showed her a photo of herself walking home.

The photo was obviously taken without her permission, and @0R0chan suspected that the stalker figured out where she lived and goes to work because of the Pokemon GO screenshots she had shared on Twitter. These screenshots contain a lot of information, such as when she’s using her phone, gift locations, where she has captured her Pokemon, and much more. She hopes sensitive information like these could be hidden in some way.

After the incident, @0R0chan plans to lodge a report with her company in the event the stalker appears again.

This is a very creepy incident and we hope everyone takes measures to scrub off sensitive information before sharing Pokemon GO screenshots online.

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