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v, 7, 6a0, mo, fh, q, j4, sub, oq, Crossing Splatoon Neck Warmers Now Available At Nintendo Tokyo | NintendoSoup
Crossing Splatoon Neck Warmers Now Available At Nintendo Tokyo

Crossing Splatoon Neck Warmers Now Available At Nintendo Tokyo

Need to warm up in style this winter season? The Nintendo Tokyo store at Shibuya has just the thing for you!

The store’s official Twitter has announced that its ‘Crossing Splatoon Neck Warmers‘ are now available for 1,200 yen. As shown above, two designs featuing the Inkling’s language will be available at 1,600 yen each!

Curious about what else is available in the stylish Crossing Splatoon line? Read our previous coverage here and here!