Culdcept Revolt: New trailer, GameStop exclusive DLC, and StreetPass Mii Plaza puzzle out

Culdcept Revolt: New trailer, GameStop exclusive DLC, and StreetPass Mii Plaza puzzle out

NIS America has revealed three big news for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS card game Culdcept Revolt.

Firstly, a new “What’s in the Cards” trailer was published, which introduces players to basic gameplay and strategies.

Starting a Match:
Each match takes place on one of dozens of maps. Depending on the map you play, you’ll want to adjust your strategy and book of cards for the best chance of winning.

The basic goal in each match is to get enough Total Magic to meet the Magic Goal, then reach one of the gates on the map to claim victory.

Starting Your Turn:
At the start of each turn, you will be granted a small amount of magic, and draw a card from your book. Playing these cards will cost magic, so you’ll need to think carefully about how to play each one to your advantage.

Spells & Secret Arts:
Once you draw a card, you will be able to play one spell card from your hand or use the Secret Art of a creature you control. These have a number of different effects such as damaging creatures on the map, changing your opponent’s movement, and more! Spells can be played as soon as you draw them but will be discarded after use, while Secret Arts can be used so long as the creature is not Fatigued.

Movement Phase:
From there, you’ll roll the dice and move across the map. If you end up on a vacant land, you can summon a creature to claim it, increasing your Total Magic. If a rival cepter has already claimed the land, you can either pay the toll, or fight the creature defending it!

You’ll be able to use item cards during the battle to counter your opponent, or strengthen your creature. If you win, you’ll take the land as your own.

Territory Bonuses:
You can make your lands more valuable by claiming many of the same element and by leveling them up. You can also make your creatures tougher by matching their element with the land they’re on.

Once you meet the Magic Goal through improving your lands and collecting tolls, end the match by reaching any of the gates on the board!

Secondly, pre-order the game at GameStop (United States only) to receive two free exclusive DLC – Challenge from Hell DLC (Bonus Quest + New Map) and Soltis Book Cover DLC.

Lastly, for those living in North America and Europe, you can now start collecting Culdcept Revolt puzzle pieces in StreetPass Mii Plaza’s Pzuzle Swap.

Culdcept Revolt launches in North America on August 29th 2017, and Europe gets it a few days later on September 1st.




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