Curse Of The Dead Gods Heading To Nintendo Switch On February 23, 2021

Curse Of The Dead Gods Heading To Nintendo Switch On February 23, 2021

Looking for a new hardcore roguelite adventure to punish yourself with? Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive might have just the game for you next month!

The companies have revealed that Curse Of The Dead Gods will be heading to Nintendo Switch and other consoles on 23 February 2021. Here’s the official trailer below, along with more details about the release:

Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive are excited to announce that Curse of the Dead Gods, the unique and demanding roguelite, will officially release on February 23rd to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Steam and Epic Games Store.

Curse of the Dead Gods succeeded throughout its Early Access period on Steam, maintaining about 90% positive reviews on Steam thanks to many tweaks and additions based on community suggestions. Alongside the vast array of content already available, the release will launch with a brand-new update featuring the true ending of your journey, as well as a unique way to explore the Temple dedicated to the God of Death itself. This is also the first time the game arrives on consoles, releasing simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, in a new announcement, on Nintendo Switch.

The full release of Curse of the Dead Gods wouldn’t have been possible without all of the incredible work from the entire team and our excellent community of Early Access players,” announced Sylvain Passot, Studio Director at Passtech Games. “The amazing community that has grown around the game has really pushed it to the right direction. We can’t wait to welcome all the players to the Temple and we’re looking further ahead to 2021 for exciting new content.

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