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hw, 7, x, fg, b1q, hw, v, h, q, b, 6d, l, 7, 04d, k, r, xba, Daemon X Machina's The Witcher 3 DLC Bug Will Be Patched Next Week | NintendoSoup
Daemon X Machina’s The Witcher 3 DLC Bug Will Be Patched Next Week

Daemon X Machina’s The Witcher 3 DLC Bug Will Be Patched Next Week

Marvelous Games has discovered a bug with Daemon X Machina’s The Witcher 3 DLC on Nintendo Switch.

Apparently some users who downloaded the free DLC did not receive access to Geralt’s costume, which is part of the DLC set. A patch will be released on December 23, 2019 to fix this issue.

Did you experience the same bug?