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r, p, Danganropa Creator's New FMV Game Death Come True Confirmed For Switch | NintendoSoup
Danganropa Creator’s New FMV Game Death Come True Confirmed For Switch

Danganropa Creator’s New FMV Game Death Come True Confirmed For Switch

Ready for more edgy mystery stories from Japan? A celebrated master of the genre is bringing his next project to Nintendo fans!

Izanagi Games have confirmed that Death Come True, an FMV (full motion video) game directed and written by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka, will be hitting Switch and other platforms in 2020. The game follows an amnesiac man on the run for being a serial killer – who gains the ability to leap back into the past and discover the truth!

Check out the teaser trailer below along with more details:

The story takes place in a hotel. The main character, Makoto Karaki (Kanata Hongo) is a wanted serial killer. However, he has lost all of his memories. Under such circumstances, when he dies, he has a mysterious ability to “time leap” and return to the past. As he’s being chased as a criminal, who can he trust? Who should he be wary of? What is his true identity? The man searches to find the truth as he repeats decisions and death.

We’ll report back as we hear more. Stay tuned!