Darksiders Genesis Arrives February 14 On Switch

Darksiders Genesis Arrives February 14 On Switch

THQ Nordic has announced the release date for Darksiders Genesis for Nintendo Switch.

The game is scheduled to launch on February 14, 2020, which is Valentine’s Day next year.

Trailer and details:

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicatetoday kicked off the PC pre-order campaign for the highly anticipated Darksiders Genesis, the first top-down action adventure in Darksiders franchise history featuring couch co-op and online co-op #togetherthroughhell #GunsNHorses #notalone

Watch Strife having a good old scuffle with Malgros the Defiler here.

Pre-Order on PC here: https://darksiders.com/order-here/

Darksiders Genesis features the debut of the fourth and final horsemen – STRIFE – who can battle alongside his brother and fellow horsemen WAR in the first ever Darksiders two-player co-op mode. Solo players will be able to alternate between STRIFE and WAR on the fly, taking advantage of STRIFE’s ranged and WAR’s melee style attacks. Both characters can build up a special attack meter that, when activated, temporarily turns them into a colossal creature that leaves epic destruction in its wake.

Darksiders Genesis is currently in development for PC, Google Stadia and all current-gen console platforms. The PC and Google Stadia versions of Darksiders Genesis will release on December 5, 2019. The console versions will release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020.