Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover Chapter Launches June 15th, Adds Leon, Jill And Nemesis

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover Chapter Launches June 15th, Adds Leon, Jill And Nemesis

Behaviour Interactive has announced the release date for Dead By Daylight‘s Resident Evil crossover chapter.

The Resident Evil crossover chapter will be available for players to purchase on June 15th 2021, and will include an Umbrella Charm item as a purchase bonus. It will add fan favorite Resident Evil heroes Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as survivors, along with Nemesis as a new killer. The chapter will also include a new map based on the Racoon City Police Station.

You can check out some trailers below, along with additional details via Behaviour Interactive:

Five Years of Horror

Dead by Daylight began as a passion project with the simple goal of letting gamers play as the villain in a horror movie. Five years later, and the game has been downloaded over 36 million times worldwide across all platforms. Launched in 2016 by Canada’s largest independent gaming studio, Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight now features 20 chapters, 36 maps as well as 27 Survivors and 24 Killers, both original and licensed.

Beware of the Zombies

For the first time in Dead by Daylight‘s history, the Resident Evil Chapter will feature an AI-assisted Killer. On top of avoiding deadly attacks by Nemesis, Survivors will also need to be careful of lurking zombies waiting to take a bite out of them. These AI-controlled monsters will bring a new dynamic to the already tense hide-and-seek gameplay and will require Survivors to adapt and develop new strategies.

Escape Raccoon City Police Station

In addition to stepping into the shoes of these famed characters, players will also get the quintessential Resident Evil experience by exploring a new map: the Raccoon City Police Station, a now decrepit relic of what was once a beacon of justice and one of the city’s emblematic landmarks.

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