Dead Cells Hits 3.5 Million Copies Sold, Fatal Falls DLC Announced For Q1 2021

Dead Cells Hits 3.5 Million Copies Sold, Fatal Falls DLC Announced For Q1 2021

It looks like the action-packed roguelike platformer Dead Cells continues to smash more milestones each year!

Motion Twin and Evil Empire recently confirmed that the game has surpassed 3.5 million copies sold across all platforms since its release. The game first emerged as an Early Access title for Steam users all the way back in 2017, before finally making its official debut for Switch and other systems in August 2018.

Additionally, the companies revealed that a new ‘Fatal Falls’ paid DLC would be landing in Q1 2021 for $4.99 USD – adding two new biomes and more. Check out the trailer below:

“Motion Twin and Evil Empire announced the twenty second major update to the award-winning Dead Cells today, marking their second paid DLC since the game exploded onto Steam’s Early Access in 2017. The ‘Fatal Falls’ DLC will introduce a significant amount of new content for fans early next year for $4.99. The two companies also revealed the game has surpassed more than 3.5 million copies sold.

A new teaser trailer… well teasing…two mid-game areas dropped today from the developers, giving fans a taste of what’s to come in next year’s DLC update.

Two entirely new biomes, The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores, as well as a new boss are parallels to the ‘Stilt Village’, ‘Clock Tower’ and ‘Time Keeper’ areas and their alternate paths. These additions will provide significant new options for fans looking for middle-run exploration and are brimming with new ways to succumb to a terribly painful death. The update is also dropping a cache of new weapons, details of which will be revealed soon.

Fatal Falls marks the second paid DLC drop for the 2018 GOTY winning Dead Cells. The developers have kept a steady flow of content on tap for its loyal community across all platforms for the past 30 months with the first paid DLC, The Bad Seed, dropping earlier this year for the same price of $4.99.

As always, the complete list of updates can be found here:

Winner and nominee for dozens of Game of the Year 2018 awards, Dead Cells is a critically-acclaimed roguelite metroidvania action platformer set within an unpredictable castle packed with dark secrets, game changing items and hordes of deadly beasts. Players face tough risk-reward decisions, building their loadout from an incredibly diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities in the hopes of dodging the castle’s omnipresent threat of permadeath. A steady series of post-launch updates addressing fan feedback has evolved Dead Cells, keeping its action-centric adventure as surprising as it is rewarding.”

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