Desperate Nintendo Fan Begs For Kamiya’s Help To Port Resident Evil 2 To Switch

Desperate Nintendo Fan Begs For Kamiya’s Help To Port Resident Evil 2 To Switch

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya, known for his outbursts on Twitter, has decided to entertain someone who begged for his help to see the latest Resident Evil 2 remake on Nintendo Switch.

The conversation started when Twitter user @HiromiKitajima1 tweeted the following:

“Nice to meet you, Kamiya-san. I registered on Twitter just to speak to you. Although Capcom just released the Resident Evil 2 remake, I really want to play it on Switch. I don’t even mind if it’s going to be like Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version as long as I can play it on Switch. Kamiya-san, could you please ask Capcom about this?”

Instead of telling the fan to shut up or scram, Kamiya retweeted Kitajima and commented “What the hell is with this guy…”

Kitajima replied the following:

“Thank you for your reply. After watching the trailer for Resident Evil 2, I feel it’s a very deep title I have an emotional connection to, so I really want to play Resident Evil 2 on the Switch I have. As I discovered Kamiya-san is the original creator behind Resident Evil 2, I’m sorry for being rude but I decided to ask you about this request. Please, say something.”

As Kamiya is no longer with Capcom but a director at PlatinumGames (though he frequently meets up with his ex-colleagues), he said “But it’s Capcom…”

And Kitajima sent off the following:

“Please help me if you happen to meet any Capcom employees, hang out with them, or if you encounter the CEO. I didn’t receive any response after giving my feedback to Capcom’s account and website. Receiving a response from Kamiya-san makes me very happy. As a way to show my appreciation, I will draw a picture of Kamiya-san.”

And here is the wonderful picture:

Kamiya was pleased with the artwork, and Kitajima reminded him “not to forget his promise”.

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